A drawing by Napoleon Orda

It is generally agreed that the year of foundation of the town of Lida was 1323 when Gedemin, the Great Prince of Lithuania laid the foundation stone of the Lida Castle, which acts as a symbol of the town up to nowadays.

In 1876 in the town was built the ‘Lida beer’ and ‘Lida kvass’ brewery — recognized Belarusian brands.

‘Dandelions’, a painter – Vladimir Semenovich Murahver

‘Bringing the art into life’

Art glass of the ‘Neman’ factory, which history spans 135 years, is the pride of country and many Belarusian families.

Valentina Sil’vanovich, a weaving master

This photo was granted by the traditional culture crafts department of the Public Institution ‘Lida district center of culture and folk arts’.

The status of historical and cultural value of the Republic of Belarus has been granted to the element of intangible cultural heritage named as ‘Traditional white-inwrought weaving of Poniemen’e’, which was born again due to efforts of the group of the traditional culture crafts department of the Public Institution ‘Lida district center of culture and folk arts’.

Lidkon is a master and recognizable brand of the enterprise. It combines a range of instant food products: pelletized soups and porridges, bulk soups, kissels, jellies, potato mixtures, cereal flakes, as well as spices and a range of products for backing.

Khrumstik (Crunchstick) — corn sticks, is one of the most favorite delicacies for children and adults.

Lidskoe is a beer, kvas, and water manufacturer under Lida beer, Lida kvas, Fizz cider, and Aura drinking water brands.

Lida flour (OJSC ‘Lidakhleboproduct’) is in the top ten of Belarusian legendary brands.

Milida — OJSC ‘Lida Milk Plant’ is one of the leading enterprises in the field of dairy products production in the Republic of Belarus.

Petr Timofeev — a portrait-painter, the member of the ‘Triangle’ collective work exhibition. His ‘Portraits of musicians’ one-man exhibition, which became a part of the ‘One night in a museum’ project was shown in the Lida Museum of History and Arts.

Lydia Antsygina, Lyudmila Romanova, Alexandra Larionova, Vika Barsukova, and M. Skorohodova are the leading painters of the ‘Lida studio’.

Mel’nikov Vladimir

Igor Kudi and Alexander Varaksa

Evgeny Matyuto is known under the ‘Cowek’pseudonyma street-art painter whose works are characterized by national colour.


Vladimir Vas’ko, a writer, the author of the ‘Forest rhapsody’ prose book, in which were included short stories and a narrative based on real events from lives of habitants of the Lida region.

Ivan Guschinskiy.

Ales’ Hitrun – a poet.

Anna Relikovskaya – a poetess.

Joseph Masyan – – a poet.



‘Lidchanka’ song and dance ensemble – folk songs, dances, and music. A repertoire of the group is based on Belarusian songs and dances, vocal and choreographic compositions, as well as on songs of contemporary Belarusian composers. The main aim and task of activities of the group are to study national song folklore and to embody it on the stage.

‘Lida-Musical’ variety studio — novel arrangements for the well-known songs as well as songs of members of the group, mostly on verses of poets of the Lida region.

‘May dawns’ labour veterans choir — wartime songs, choral compositions of patriotic and social content, as well as folk songs. The choir performs musical compositions without instrumental accompaniment, i.e., a capella.

‘Kresovyacy’ Polish folk song ensemble

‘Shalom’ Jewish folk music ensemble

‘Slavyanochka’ violinists ensemble — classical, spiritual, variety and folk, modern and ancient music of Slavic nations.

‘Festival’ variety and instrumental ensemble — a typical representative of the instrumental genre. A repertoire of the group includes works of various styles both of Belarusian and foreign composers. An important part is assigned to arrangements for folk melodies, variety music, as well as to plays in the country and western style.

‘Viewpoint’ dramatic theatre


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